Friday, October 28, 2011

Trying the blog thing

Been on face book for a few years now and it just does not cut it. Some how even though all on my friends list know me, they don't. My comments are dissected and analyzed and in some circumstances misinterpreted. My cry out for uplifting comments to my status does not always happen. I walk away frustrated even more then before the first word I typed. On one occasion I walked away with more tears as friends posted their comeback notes that obviously did not portray they had read my status with compassion or had taken the time to make sure my comment had any emotions attached. None the less I keep going back everyday to see how everyone is doing.
I hear in conversations talk of blogs, I see on t.v. people who blog and it reminds me of the desire to step out and try to blog. The people who have a heart to follow and listen to my heart pouring out will follow my posts. I pray connections are made.
I am a christian mom with three children. Twin boys 9 years old. Troy and Scott. Troy was born with CP (Cerebral Palsy). Isabella our daughter is 5 years old. Not only do I have lots to share about children and getting along etc, I have many words about a son with special abilities. Some days it is just tuff as behavior has become a presence in his life and affects the dynamics with his siblings. Then there is how it affects me and being able to share with people who understand or God places on here to lift up myself and/or my family.
Not only my family being lifted up but my heart to listen to others so I can pray in the good and the bad.
So I leave with this opening post.

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