Sunday, December 2, 2012


Holy Spirit be with me as I write this:

I was grunting and groaning as I walked in our front door following a Christmas family get together.  How did I fit all that food in my tummy?  "Love you," I said to our little Emma as I put her down for her very late nap.  Literally plopped myself down on the couch and grabbed the lap top to check email and Facebook.

It doesn't take long before smile turns upside down as my eyes scan an email from a friend.  On our bible study group page she is requesting prayer for someone at her work who has breast cancer.  That someone happens to be our neighbor.  My frown turns jagged as I fill with anger. I begin talking to God, "Really? I have had it with the "C" word. I just want to go over and pray for her and there to be healing.  Lord our sister at church to have healing.  My father-in-laws sister for healing.  I am sick of raising money." 

Then a little revelation.  Please do not misunderstand me as I write this I think it is so amazing the hearts that raise money for Cancer.  I believe God has a purpose for that.  My revelation or vision happens.  Are we so busy raising money to find a cure that we are forgetting about Gods healing hands?  Are we forgetting to teach people to pray for healing first then raise money?

My vision is so amazing...Imagine a Faithraiser instead of a Fundraiser.  No forms or t-shirts. I see the curbs are full of people who are waiting to pray.  Hands are raised, eyes are closed, worship is happening, SPIRIT is alive, tongues are praising, eye lashes are twitching and arms are high.  Those who know a fire tunnel this would be fun. 

Then the Faithraiser starts....Jesus with his cross begins the walk.  Following Him are children with cancer, adults with cancer, people who are blind and the list is endless of those who need healing.  I would be walking down with my anxiety but quickly side step to the curb so I can pray for rest of the people.  I see thousands of angels all assigned to a certain person.

These Faithraisers can happen everyday.  God is waiting for us to ask Him.  God is waiting for us to teach people to trust in him more.  Don't google what type of cancer or disease people have google how to pray for healing.  While we need money to find a cure what we need more is people in the hospital beside beds praying for healing  or going into someones home and singing worship songs with them.  Don't tell someone, "I hope everything will be OK" declare to them, "God will take care of everything." 

While I believe God wants physical healing I also believe more so for internal healing.  Having two children with Cerebral Palsy I pray for physical healing everyday, but my Spirit says, "Pray for their hearts and minds and souls.  When they are full on the inside it won't matter how they walk or talk.  The shadows of their wheelchairs, crutches and walkers will heal others."

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