Thursday, September 26, 2013

A new love for Oero Cookies

On a Tuesday this September, I spent a whole day at KidsAbility in Waterloo doing workshops on Augmentative Speech tools that are available.  Basically resources to help us give Emma what she needs until her name comes up on the 18th month waiting list for services.  I am forever excited when I learn more about what tools are out there for Emma and other children.  Buttons that talk for her, a display board of pictures that will talk for her, modified toys that work with the push of a button, computer pieces that would allow her to work the computer with the push of a button.  Some display program pieces costing hundreds of dollars coupled with apps for Ipads that cost hundreds of dollars. 
We can borrow them from KidsAbility for a four week period or purchase on our own.  The alternative is wait the 18mths at which time the wait list is gone and there would be coverage for it all.   The wait list does not bother me because I know God has trusted me with Emma during the wait time and He will do great things in her in the mean time. 

A couple times during the workshops I got teary eyed knowing how important all the pieces are for her.  And it brought me out of my space of comfort to realize that oh my gosh Emma doesn't talk like she should right now.  Driving in the van home I began to say, "God why can't you just give her what she needs to talk, heal her" and began to digest all that I had heard.

The next day on Wednesday my journey took Emma and I to Fergus KidsAbility for her Occupational therapy appointment.  One of the activities we did was work with the Oreo you see above.  You see this is no ordinary Oreo.  It is a plastic therapy toy that a child must learn to pull apart.  For Emma this is difficult with little use out of her left hand.  On this day I put Emma's little left hand brace on and as her eyes lite up when the Oreo game came out the therapist handed Emma an Oreo cookie to pull apart.  Emma's determination with the hand brace on was not like any other day we have seen.  Our little girl was so determined.  Within a few tries Emma did it...she pulled the two pieces apart.  We cheered, I had tears.  I joked with our therapist and asked, "Can i keep that Oreo cookie?" She gave me the plastic piece and said, "For sure you cherish it."

Amazed and proud as we drove home.  I told myself to blog about this and once Emma was down for a nap I took a picture of the Oreo.  One picture wasn't enough so I opened the Oreo and took another picture of it apart.

My mouth dropped open wide as I realized what shape was inside.  A cross shape! The day before I had wondered where God was with Emma's speech and why He couldn't just heal her. And there I was the next day asking for forgiveness as He reminded me He is with us in everything.  While she may not totally be healed of speaking fully, right now papa God is working in so many other moments with her.  I phoned the therapist and left her a message about what shape was in the cookie.  I have no idea if our therapist is a Christian or knows Jesus but I just had to share.  She later phoned back and could not talk as she was crying.  Sharing with her had made her day.
Who knew God could be in an Oreo Cookie?  I do now!!!! 

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