Saturday, October 5, 2013

Earthly Stroke vs. Heavenly Stroke

Lord bless my words:

As I parked our van in the wheelchair parking spot I found myself in a daze.  My son and daughter colouring in the back waiting for the word to get out and go into the hospital.  I have parked her lots before to visit a princess.

On the first floor in room 108 is Joanne.  That hospital has been her home for over a year.  Joanne suffered a major stroke which in Satan's mind has left her paralyzed.  I could write on and on about all the equipment in her room.  My heart tells me though that is what Satan wants me to see and what he wants you to see when you go the hospital to visit people you know and love.  I do not visit Joanne because I feel bad for her and feel obligated because it is my moms very dear friend.

You see I have something Joanne needs inside her and needs to hear.  So simple.  It is Jesus.  When I go to see her thanks to Jesus I see the princess He sees.  I feel the love He has for her.  I have a great sense of the great plans He has for her.  He wants her to know how much He loves her.  Her precious body needs the Holy Spirit trickling through her veins oh and pumping in her heart.  She deserves to know there is a freedom and peace that she owns thanks to Jesus. 

I have taken Joanne worship music.  I bought her a dollar store princess crown and it sits on her shelf. But today I spoke a prayer over her with little response and that was to accept Jesus into her heart.  "Lord forgive her sins,  may her heart accept You and invite you in.  Lord may she continue to commit all she has to you."  The best gift I have.  It is all I have.  I also sang "Jesus Reigns" quitely behind her followed by a few lines of, "Jesus loves you."

Satan may have won with a earthly "Stroke" but our God hahahaahhaha is much bigger and HE won with his stroke of death on the cross.   Earthly stroke vs. heavenly matter what Joanne is going through she needs to know she already won.  Don't we all?

Joanne does cry and responds when she feels up to it.  I sense frustration, hate, hurt and even fear looking at her face.  I constantly pray for peace that surpasses no other.  I totally believe God can heal her.  Will He? That I don't know.  Should I be angry if he does not (the way I expect) as I really feel like He wants to.  What does His healing look like compared to what healing looks like to me?

"Lord over a year now is so so long...please show us your plan for Joanne. Be with her husband Glen and other family members.  They all need you!  Revelation, revelation..."

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