Thursday, October 24, 2013

Invitation to clean up

Invitation to clean
Wheeling my daughter from the kitchen into the front room to eat breakfast together I noticed the beautiful glow of the sun off our floor.  As I looked closer it was a clear invitation to clean our very dirty floors.  It would have to wait until we were done our cereal if not longer.   Better yet when I felt like taking the time it would get swept and moped.  Until then the sunshine was so relaxing.  So relaxing that should I be a cat I would curl up and soak it all in.
In reflecting Jesus reminded me of when He came into my heart(life).  As He entered my heart He extended the invitation to clean up my heart, mind, soul and life.  It was not demanded of me in a fierce way.  No whips were snapping behind me.  There were days and still are days when I have felt like when I have time I will talk to Him I will.  I have few moments like that now as the cleaning made room for the realization as to how important my relationship is with Him. 
Just like the picture above, as we allow the "Son" into our house an invitation is extended to follow Him.  To take time to curl up like a cat on the floor and read His word.  As we read we talk, the more we talk to Him the more we trust, as we trust growing is happening.  When we grow cleaning begins. 
It will never be a sparkling Mr. Clean life but all the cleaning we do gets us to a Kingdom that has nothing but sparkling floors. 
Now the cleaning does not get done because I am too busy sharing Jesus (and a little candy crush).

Happy cleaning everyone!


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  1. Create in me a clean heart O God. - a lovely reflection that speaks volumes to me of what truly is important. Well done, Heather.