Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 4 treasure hunt

Tradition in our house when it comes to Peru mission trips.

Five years ago I made my first 24 hour trek to Pacasmayo Peru. In preparing to leave I felt as though I needed to somehow talk to my kids (3 at the time) while I was gone in  way that did not involve the phone. 

Putting the brain on the move I came up with making a web cam movie with a message and a prayer for each day I was gone.  Also in the message highlighting what I would be doing at the orphanage each day.

To make it even more fun I hit treasures each day for the kids to find.  Leaving clues behind they must find them.

This year Dean left on Feb 10th for his first ever  mission trip on his own.  I have gone on three Peru mission trips myself and Dean and I went on the last one together. 

Right now he is probably snoring away on his mattress on the floor.

The picture below is the kids with the clues to find today's treasure (so far yummy treats)

We end up down  in Troy's room and Bella found the treat in Troys closet under some clothes on the shelf.

 A little pack of suckers enough for two each. 
While daddy does his Treasure hunts for God our kids are having fun doing treasure hunts for their daddy.
We love and miss him but we are all so proud to have a man in our life that is down in Peru doing what he is doing for God with an amazing group of people from Selah Fire and our amazing family who live in Peru.  HUGS HUGS HUGS

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