Sunday, March 2, 2014

A week long day

Monday Feb 10 I watched as Dean took three of our kids to school and say, "See you in 10 days."
Not long
after Emma and I loaded up in the van and drove Dean over to our Selah Fire gathering home where our mission team was to leave on our usual yellow bus.

Honestly after four years of going to Peru my emotions were that of a Dairy Queen blizzard.  The coldness I felt as I had a tinge of jealously Dean was going and I was staying home. The smell of the sweetness was that of all the hugs Dean would give from the both of us.  Can not forget the yummy candy and that is of my husband who was going to be off on a 10 day mission trip.  Ten days of doing God's work. 

I knew he would not be stuck in some factory welding.  Trying to make money.  Earthly treasure.  While I missed the routine of him coming home each night after work I knew each day he would arrive back at the Casa de Paz, orphanage after a treasure hunt/prayer walk and would love on the children/family there.

Each night I had to hurry the kids to bed as I was so tired.  As my head hit the pillow I would think of how tired I was those years I went to bed but knowing I had done Gods work all day so made it worth while.  As I closed my eyes I felt proud knowing my husband was out doing that work.

Day after day would go by.  Kids were in school.  Two major projects to complete.  Reading to do.  Two Brownie meetings to lead. Hot tub to get rid of (surprise for Dean).  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... they all went by all 10 of them. 

Those around me said how fast the days went as we approached the night before Dean.  I felt as though I had no response.  Ten days did not feel quick nor long.  So much had happened and been full busy days that the first feeling that popped in my head to describe our ten days home here in Drayton was a week that felt like one big day.

I love what God is doing our little family.  Mission trips are like no other experience.  We do not build homes or schools but rather relationships with God right dab in the centre.  Our family in Peru have invited us to their weddings and to their child's baptism.  A few of our friends have flown up to stay with us here in Drayton.

As I have the Oscars on in the background I can not help but think of a night where missionaries go up to receive a heavenly treasure and the only person we thank in our acceptance speech is God.  For He plans our steps.


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