Friday, February 7, 2014

To bow or not to bow heads

Today I attended a funeral for a friend of ours and during the service I was reminded how my heart tells me to lift my head while we prayed.  For me this is not new.  Everytime someone says bow your head in prayers I find myself raising my face to God. 

I did a teeny bit of research to see why we actual bow our heads when praying.  Here is what I found; that is not scriptural persay or is a must.  It is a sign of adoration, submission, means of respecting God is King, humbling yourself and probably many more.

Being at my friends funeral I wanted and needed to look up.  When my kids are hurting they look up to me for comfort.  It is only when they do something wrong do their little heads go down.

Why I look up.  My reasoning seems so simple.   If I bow my head I do not feel His light on my face.  As though I am missing something by looking down.  I raise as though to say, "God I praise you and thank you despite losing my friend."  I feel darkness when I look down.  Brightness shining as I close my eyes and head up.  As though I am a cat soaking up the sun on the only spot on the floor.

Basically it doesn't matter how I pray or you pray.  I chose to face our God when I am talking to Him.
It is not up to a "church" or man to dictate how my relationship should be with Him.  The fact that when I do it my heart is sincere and looking to Him is all He can ask for.

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