Thursday, January 30, 2014


Wednesday morning we left at 7 am to head off for Troy's appointment in Hamilton with the surgeon that keeps an eye on him.  As a mom I always have my own ideas and thoughts of what we want for Troy.  Not always remembering it is not up to me.  For God only knows the plans for Troy.  None the less I really had the expectations they would considering doing Hamstring lengthening surgery on Troy since he has grown so much and is crouching alot more.  More honestly I wanted them to say she would schedule the surgery.  It may sound strange for a mom to want her child to go into surgery for a third time however I know what his last hamstring surgery did for him and would love for Troy to have that again.

"Hi lovey, I have something special for you at the end of our appointment,"  Dr. Burrow said as she walked into our room. 

I had my battle words ready.  She asked Troy to walk up and down the hall and asked him how much stretching he is doing.  Well stretching is a huge battle but he is getting some stretches with his stander at school.  Up Troy went on the examining bed where she flexed both legs.

"I still see no need at this point for surgery.  More and more we are finding in older kids it is beneficial to do an increase of therapy stretches.  His left leg is surgery material but there is no point doing one leg and not the other.  He would 20% muscle use after surgery,"  Dr. Burrow said. 

How can I argue with that?  How far do I push?  Do we get a second opinion? 

Dr. Burrow continued, "We could try leg casting for a couple of weeks and see how that goes.  Come back the end of March and we can discuss it further.  For now try to get 3-4 hours with his gator on along with his leg brace for really good stretching."

The conversation went further  and was ended as she left the room to get that something special for Troy. "Do you have any nut allergies?" Burrows asked out in the hall.

"No!" I replied thinking yippppy we are getting candy oh I mean Troy was getting candy.

In she comes with a little baggy with nut shells.  "Have you ever heard of the heartnut?" she asked.

"The heartnut?" I asked back puzzled.  In seconds my mouth dropped as she was showing us what the heartnut/shell looked like.
Turns out this is an amazing tree and the nuts are very nutritious.  That aside Troy explained to the doctor that I love finding hearts everywhere.  Who knew God was making a tree full of hearts. 
My heart then revealed that it was yet another small message from God in those heart shells that He is in control of Troy. Trust Him and do not be in a hurry for surgery.  Just like his last visit we had a rainbow on the way home. 
God we hear you this time.  We will wait!
I totally want this tree.

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