Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rob Ford

Oh Lord be with me on this one...and more so those who read it.

Rob Ford

A word on a page can be hurtful and hateful.  Back in 2013 many papers and talk shows all over the world discussed, put down and joked about Rob Ford.  Controversy over a man who is supposed to be Toronto's Mayor.  Drugs were in many articles and behavior in some videos.  Even accusations of sexual innuendos.  For many Rob Ford should step down from office.  Grace is definitely not an option for thousands nor forgiveness.  How can you respect someone like Ford who is running a whole city?  I stay clear of politics at all costs.  Just personally find it hard to trust any of them as they are all human just like me.  Kneeling down on his knees for forgiveness is what Christians request.  Like them I do agree that this man needs a relationship with Jesus as do we all.  May Ford get a second chance?  Nice to know that our heavenly Father gives us more then second chances.  Observing from Heaven,God watches every one of us sin day after day.  Perhaps my heart is telling me he deserves to be in office again. Quoting future Headlines they would read, "Rob Ford has redeemed himself and a surprising number of votes are in his favor." in November.  Re-election papers were signed January 2 and only time will tell how many supporters if any he gains.  Satin will not win on Ford's life.  Uttering prayers for a lost man deserving of God's love is part of my walk.  Victory into Heaven is a treasure every human can have.  Willingness to accept that all sins are equal according to our daddy in the sky is what we all need.  X-rays of Rob Ford reveal the same make God used for all of us.  You take a look in the mirror and see if you have a perfect reflection.  Zapping Rob Ford with the Holy Spirit deep into his heart, soul and mind as he enters into 2014.

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