Monday, January 6, 2014

Be an Eskimo for the day

As I get ready for bed I peek out the window once more in awe of the weather.  A good old fashioned blizzard.  Our family is very grateful we have a home with a  furnace and each other to keep on living while the world outside is crazy. 
Weather has been out of sorts lately, maybe even the last couple of years.  Storms seem to be intensifying.  Could it possibly be God sending signs?  A little question that intrigues me but definitely do not think about it too much.
Instead I wonder how simple it is for the Eskimos to live in this kind of weather especially the freezing cold temperatures.  The average temperature of the Arctic in January is -40 degrees and winter temps can drop below -50.  We are possibly -30 and have warnings to stay inside.
We shelter ourselves with houses and have warmer temperatures.  Yet they have bone chilling temperatures and build snow houses (Igloos).  For some they live in tents made of seal or caribou skins sewn together.
Clothing for Eskimos made from animal skins.  They wore waterproof sealskin boots, hooded fur jackets called parks and fur trousers made of pelts from seal, caribou, fox or polar bear.  Waterproof jackets were made from seal gut.  We have everything rubber and make shift material.  Unless you have lots of money and can afford expensive clothing that may be better.  Is it as good though as animal skins?  And a lot of it is not even made in Canada.
Of course transportation for Eskimos is snowshoes and dogsled and boats.  Ours again rubber tires on our cars/trucks/vans.
Why are we not prepared just in case?  We are so used to materialistic things in our lives.  Ice storm hits, power goes out and even at our house it is oh gosh now what? 
I would love to experience a day in an Eskimo's fur trousers and sealskin boots.  Be fun to make an igloo.  Maybe it would help us prepare more for nights like tonight.  Or last weekend with the ice storm.
If you see a family looking furry going down our street with a dog sled instead of a snow mobile that is us LOL.
Stay safe everyone, keep warm. 
 In all circumstances God is good.

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