Friday, January 3, 2014

Praying for a miracle in 2014

Lord, thank you for Joanne

I wish I had more time to go to Listowel to see my mom's long time friend Joanne.  When I do visit Joanne it is not in the comfort of her and husband's Glens home.  I pull into the parking lot and wait for the parking arm to go up.  Making sure I have $2.00 to get out I walk across the road and into the emergency entrance at the Listowel hospital. 

Walking the quiet halls to her room I still find my self questioning God what his plan is for Jonne.  "Lord it is almost two years.  What are you waiting for?  Is there something I am not doing?  Should I come up to pray more?  Is there something her family should do?  IS there something Joanne needs to do?  Why not just heal her? Why not bring her home?" I ask quietly as I approach her room.

I can not help but remember the vision/dream where I walked into Joannes hospital room and she was sitting up in bed looking healthy and ready to leave that hospital forever. 

Joanne had a major stroke almost 2 years ago.  The stroke has left her the ability to slightly move her head and bat her beautiful eyes.  Her eyes are what show there is lots of life in her to I am frustrated and being stubborn.  I feel as though if arms could extend out the pupils they would grab my shoulders with the request of "Help me."

Visits I have prayed with and for Joanne have been emotional for her.  My visit today while I didn't pray outloud I noticed Joanne was just not herself.  However I was pleasently surprised as she mouthed, "Bye" and "kay" when I shared we are praying for her.

I wish I could be there everyday with her to sing worldly fun songs and worship songs.  Pull out a book and read it to her.  Put ear phones on her and let her drift off with her favorite songs.  Make the ultimate speech program for her to communicate more.

Yep I have a huge prayer list especially a miracle in 2014 for Joanne.  As a good friend reminded me it is all in Gods timing.  I must trust and wait.  In the mean time I do what I can to be there for Joanne and follow the nudges I get.  My good friend also said, "For God two years is nothing but for us it feels like eons."

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