Sunday, January 26, 2014


One of my goals for the new year was to blog everyday.  I am not to far off but not exactly where I wanted to be.

I realize there are so many things that get to the top of my list.  Blogging may be on my list of to-do's for 2014 but what does God have in store for me this year?

While I may feel like I am failing my goal, God reminds me blogging is my plan.  He supports me as I write but He definitely fills up my time the days I do not write.

It can take up to one hour to put my words down and find pictures to go along.  Add to that  distractions and the clock runs longer.

Why to blog?  I feel I have lots to write about and a lot of times what I write down flows out of what God has put on my heart.  Ask me the next day what I write and I may not remember.  My fingers press on the letters and before I know it I am clicking on the spell check.  Will I ever be famous for my blogs, now that is funny.

I am not writing to be famous.  My writing is not meant to hurt anyone or annoy people.  I write from my heart which my writing group, "Writers Unite" would back up.  No need for slander or nit picking or strong opinions in the comment section.  I may not even get comments.  I write bearing no expectations except on myself to follow the words put on my heart by God.

Yes a lot of my blogs will be faith based.  I pray readers will have an open heart to how we live our life.  I would never force our life upon everyone else.  I can only share how having our faith is our only fuel to keep us going.  I used to live a certain way but now chose to walk away from that and be a better person.  As you click on the button to read my blogs, a choice is then made to either follow the sentences or click on the close button.  One blog you may hate and the next one could really pull at your heart. 

I do not pretend to be a perfect writer.  Having self-published a book, "A Pinky Promise" I know I need an editor maybe two.  It is a fun personal challenge to form my paragraphs and find the right words to relay my topic. Some days my fingers tap the keyboard keys as I brain storm my next line.  Topics are so easy as I have a life with many things going on.  The one that stands out the most that day, confirm with God then typing I go.

Really when I think of it there is no specific way to blog or what to blog on.  I have read poetry blogs, craft blogs, family update blogs, and many more.  I search the ones that mean the most to me.

The long and short is I love to blog and I am only human and love hearing from those who really needed to read something I wrote or just words like, "Great blog today."

Thank you to those who do read my blogs and to those who turn away I hope you check my next blog and a connection can happen.

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