Monday, January 13, 2014

Saying Goodnight

As adults we long for that moment when our head hits the pillow and drift off to la la land.  I chuckle out loud as I think of all the different places we all drift off to.

Last night ended up being a crazy routine and might I add late night to get the kids to bed.  Three of them at least.

Grabbing the Ipad Dean takes Emma up stairs at 9:00 p.m.  "Brush teeth" the speech program button spoke.  Each task involves her using the Ipad to speak for her.  Along with encouragement to for her to speak the words.  They go through pressing each button; going potty, changing diaper, putting on p.j.'s, reading book, doing a prayer, hug and kiss and lastly turning music on and lights out.

From there it is usually getting Bella to bed but last night that girl did not want to sleep as she had a later nap due to not feeling well.

So off we go down to say goodnight to Troy and Scott.  Troy gets suited up with his leg brace and I pray with him, hugs and kisses and off to his "la la" land he went.  Dean goes in with Scott and prays with him.  Then Dean and I switch boys rooms and steal hugs and kisses. All in the mean while Bella is running back and forth between boys room.

Oh gosh this is going to be a long night.  I grab my tea and Dean goes in to lay with Bella on her bed.  As I go in to say goodnight to Bella between my weary eyes and being hit with a childlike spirit I hear Bella's Mini Pops CD playing and instantly Dean and Bella became my audience as I began what I call dancing.  Gods way of saying at that moment we all needed laughter especially myself.

All of the days many many tasks at that musical moment became obsolete as I danced around Bella's room and Dean and Bella were laughing so hard.  Assuming I was done after that one song I said goodnight and danced out of her room.  But I wasn't done apparently as I grabbed a pillow and all of a sudden pillow up shirt and back I go into her room and then became a pregnant mom dancing.  I am thinking to myself I must be overtired to be doing this but my spirit was telling me just to have fun and make Dean and Bella laugh.  "Ok, mommy is done.  Goodnight Bella" I said as I walked back out.  I could hear them giggling wondering if I was going to come back a third time.   

Again my spirit kept me going cause I went from a pregnant mom to mom with a big tush as the pillow went to the back side.  Back I go.  Dancing like most moms can.  This time I knew I was done and turned the light off and closed the door as I left.

Fifteen minutes later Dean and Bella come join me in bed.  It turns out Dean fell asleep and Bella was still awake.

Bella finally fell asleep and I just thanked God for that moment last night.  He knows I hate serious and love feeling and acting like a child.  No worries, believe everything.  Those dance moves were crazy, on beat, but crazy.  At that moment it was the three of us and God. 

A good reminder life is so short.  Not me being short, life is short.

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