Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Lord let those who read this have open minds and open hearts.
"Girls get your coats on and go wait over by Snowy Owl," I said to our 12 brownies.  We had just finished learning how to synchronize swim at the old Elmira pool.  I quickly reached for my coat as a chill ran down my whole back from my wet hair.  As I shoved my second arm through the coat sleeve and reached for the zipper a piece of whiteness caught my attention through the corner of my eye.  Distracted now from doing up my zipper my eyes began to zig zag and focus on what appeared to be a feather.  From where though?  We were at a pool.  I grab the little feather and squeezed it between my thumb and pointer finger.  I cocked my coat hood around my neck to check for feathers on it.  None to be found. No holes in my jacket and last I knew it was not a feather coat.  I glanced at all the Brownies around me and the coats left on the coat rack and no feathers to be seen.
That feather has not been the only one that has fluttered from behind me.  A friend found one on her couch months ago after a group of us gathered  from church.  Conveniently where I had sat.  Over this Christmas holiday one was around me at my in-laws (no coat involved).  They are all the same delicate little feathers.
Could it be feathers from an angels wings?  Are they a sign from God?  My guardian angel? Is it my wings growing LOL (so not ready to fly yet)?  How could they appear in three different places?
I tried google but man oh man brain overload. Lots of non-Christians bashing Christians, one church bashing another church and then sites saying they can help contact angels or do readings.  Oh Lord help these people LOL.  After 5 minutes I moved my cursor to the little x and closed down google. 
Really who cares?  What matters is what my heart is telling me.  And like child like faith it is so simple.  As I see every feather that angelically floats down around me, my heart does a dance, my mouth forms a smile, my brain says thank you, my eyes look up, my ears shut out the "world"and my whole body feels peace. 

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