Sunday, January 19, 2014

Today I wear my Courage badge for Isaiah

 Today I really did not want to be at church.  Instead I wanted our family to be in Hamilton visiting our nephew who is in PICU. He has machines doing all the work for him so he can fight off the septic shock he is in. Steve and Megan (Isaiah's parents) took Isaiah in for regular appointments this weekend and well Thank GOD they did. 
We set up Scott's Ipod so we can text back and forth.  As we were getting ready this morning we started to notice the snow outside and the weather advisor on the radio and knew it was safe to stick around at home. 
The visit would not just have been about Isaiah being in critical condition but the fact this family just lost their house to a fire last Monday. 
Overwhelming feeling of helplessness as we can not get up to Hamilton.  So off to church we went.   I did not even have the lesson printed out nor knew what it was about. As I took a moment to go the window in our Sunday school room, my emotions got the best of me as I starred out the window to blowing snow.  Before I got to far a friend who I love dearly came in and checked up on me.  God sent her at the right time cause I needed a shoulder to cry on.
She helped me get the notes for class and of course the topic was "Courage."
I went in for a few minutes of worship and before long the kids were running off for Sunday school.
Our class was very small today.  We have two and three year olds so our lessons are very simple and fun.  First snack then a game involving throwing popcorn.  The closer we are with God the easier it is to get the popcorn that far.  Then our craft (pictures).  Our courage badge.
Gosh sometimes it is hard to be courageous.  If it wasn't for God's word and those around me reminding me to stand strong, be courageous and trust God, we would not be much help to Steve and Megan nor ourselves.  I do feel helpless with worldly needs like not being able to get up to them to give them items they lost from the fire and taking them suppers.  But I remember to pray.  Knowing that we are talking to God on their behalf and along side their prayers is the best thing we could give them right now. 
For Isaiah though now there is where courage is.  That little man is fighting with everything God is giving him to take every breath. At three years old it seems so unfair to have endured all Isaiah has in his life already.  He is just so precious and we pray for God to hold him and breath for him the next couple of days. 
This week I will wear my Sunday School craft badge of courage in honor of our little man Isaiah.

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