Monday, January 20, 2014

How to pray?

Do you get offended if people don't pray the same as you?
Do you think people need to have their hands together?
Do you think people need to pray out loud?
Do you think people need to pray for a long time to be heard?

I have a secret:  It does not matter what the heck you think.

Do you think there is a perfect prayer?
Do you think there is a perfect praying time?
Do you think one person can pray better then another?

Let me ask you a question:  (OK another question) "What is prayer for?" See how long it takes for an answer to pop in your head.

Prayer to me is talking.  Talking to Jesus.  Yep a good ole' relationship.  This relationship there is no hiding anything cause He knows me better then anyone.

Our relationship is unique which means it is different then everyone else.  It means in my relationship with Jesus I talk to Him some days alot and other days it is quiet. I talk to Him when doing the dishes.  He also talks to me and puts things on my heart different then anyone else I know.  There are days when I talk/pray to Him I am in tears, or prayers that last a few minutes.  Most times it is a quick thank you or as someone I know pops on my heart I quickly prayer.  Lets be honest if I was to sit down and physically pray for all I know who are going through something right now...I would be praying 8 hours a day.  I talk/pray as things come into my heart.

When I first started my walk I used to love the way others would pray out loud and the big fancy smancy words they would use and could not wait to be just like them.  How wrong was that?  In other words I was asking for the same relationship they had.  Prayer is often times a download from Jesus to us especially when praying for others.  I have learned though that I have my own fun relationship with Him.  He downloads to me what works for Him and I.  He gives me pictures I will get and share.  He gives my fun things only I would get.  All in all anything He can to bring me closer.

Most know Deans brother and their family with six kids lost there home to a fire last week and now their son is the hospital (unrelated to fire) just getting out of critical care because of infection.  I have not felt the need to be on my knees for hours praying.  Instead I have said little prayers as little Isaiah's name flows onto my heart. 

I am OK with where my relationship is.  I do not need to or want to be where anyone else is when they pray.

In the bible Jesus said prayers like, "Be healed," or "Go Forth," and even, "Pick up your mat and walk."  And then there were times He went away for a long time just to be with His father, God to get the downloads He needed. 

What does prayer sound like to you?
How long does it have to be to feel like it is worth something?
Do you have to be in a specific spot?
Does it need to be quiet around you?
Do you only pray at church?
Do you pray with others?
What about praying outloud?
Or is it in the quiet of your own head?
Is your head up?
Are your hands together?
Do you wisper those prayers?
Are you prayers sung?
Do you read your prayers from a book?

If you are praying and talking to Jesus and listening to him it does not matter to me how you answered the above questions.  Nor should it matter to anyone else. 

Please just keep talking! That means the communication lines are open!

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