Monday, January 27, 2014

Junior kindergarten

As Bella pulls out her agenda after a full day of school she hands me a blue sheet
of paper and says, "Mommy this is for Emma.  Can I fill it out?"  I think to myself for Emma?  Why would Emma get mail from the "big school?'

I told Bella to let me read the paper first.  As I skimmed down the sheet I quickly noticed "junior kindergarten registration is..."  Oh gosh.  I am not ready for big school for Emma yet.  Even though Emma is three years old, four this October she has only been with our family for a year and a half.  It feels like we just gave birth to her.  How could I possibly let our baby go to big school?

More important question I struggle with is why send her so early?  Does she really need to be in school so early?  Does God need her to be in school at only 4 years old, 5 days a week for 6 hours a day?  For me it is more then whether she is ready or not.  Even if she is ready does Emma need school 5 days a week?  Will it really affect her 20 years down the road when she is getting a job?  I think of all the "smartie pants" people in the world (inventors, RIM designers, etc) and they seem OK not having school at 4 years old.

Bella had JK every other day the first year and then our school started to the full day program for her SK year.  We decided it was best not to conform to the worldly decision of what is best for her and still sent her every other day as did a few other parents with their little ones. 

So if Emma goes to JK a decision needs to be made that best suits her needs.  The fun part is I already know God has amazing plans for her with JK or not.  I also know I need to talk to Him and see what he puts on our hearts for His princess.  Not earthly minds thinking they know what is best for a little girl they have never met or read what is on two pages of paper.

I believe that the teachers do an amazing job with what they are given in the classrooms and handed down by the school boards.  I am not questioning teachers and their work. 

I am a mom that has been able to stay home now for over 10 years which allows me the privilege of my children staying home.  I can not say whether or not it would be the same if I worked.  I dare not even begin to guess what working full time would be like.  Part-time work is enough.

Today I grabbed a pen and filled out the registration forms.  The work begins to get Immunization records, birth certificates and the list of her team members like speech, occupational and phsyiotherapists.  How do I write out all her specialities on paper LOL.

The conversation begins well I should say continues with God as He reveals to us what is best for our little princess this September.

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